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Workpackage-leader: Victoria Linares Vidal - URV, Spain

Participants: UU, NRIRR, SCK•CEN, ENEA


This work package is dedicated to the phenotypic analyses of the cognitive and cerebrovascular effects
of low-dose radiation in animals based on behavioural test and assessment of brain microvasculature.
Phenotypically relevant animals will be transferred to WP4 to analyse the biological events. The objectives are:

  • To study cognitive ability and neuro-toxicological effects that low doses of radiation and environmental toxicants can cause during in utero and neonatal brain development
  • To investigate the shape of the dose-response relationship between the radiation dose and the induction of cerebrovascular effects.
  • To illustrate the interplay between the vascular and central nevous system in the processing of the response of brain damage induced by low doses of radiation
  • To simulate the exposure in order to calculate organ doses after partial or whole body irradiation 


  • Task 3.1: To study cognitive effects of low-dose radiation (URV, UU, SCK•CEN)
  • Task 3.2: To investigate cerebrovascular effects after radiation exposure (NRIRR)
  • Task 3.3: To apply dosimetry for assessing precise doses that are delivered to certain regions of the brain (SCK•CEN)