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WP2: Human data of cerebrovascular and cognitive late effects

Workpackage-leader: Florent de Vathaire - IGR, France

Participants: RCRM, UBHAM


  • To validate and localize patients who were treated with radiotherapy for childhood cancer and suffered from cerebrovascular diseases later in life
  • Selection of appropriate control cases from the same cohorts
  • Retrospective dose estimation to defined brain structures of interest
  • To perform cognitive and neuropsychological tests in childhood cancer survivors
  • To assess cognitive dysfunctions in individuals exposed during and after the Chernobyl accident


  • Task 2.1: To investigate the dose-response relationship between the radiation doses received by the brain, the heart, the lung and the main vessels, and the long-term risks of developing cerebrovascular diseases following childhood cancer radiotherapy. (IGR, UBHAM)
  • Task 2.2: To evaluate neurocognitive consequences that can be caused by low-dose radiation (0.05 and 1 Gy) in survivors of childhood cancer. (IGR)
  • Task 2.3: To evaluate neurocognitive consequences which can be caused by low-dose radiation in persons exposed in utero during and after the Chernobyl accident and the possible role of aging based on telomere length analysis. (RCRM)
  • Task 2.4: To perform the statistical analysis of the risk factors for cerebrovascular disease and cognitive impairment in the cases - control and exposed - non exposed studies. (IGR)