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WP1: Coordination

Workpackage-leader: M. Abderrafi Benotmane - SCK•CEN, Belgium


The objective of WP1 is the effective management of the CEREBRAD Project by the coordinator, taking care of the scope and the budget of the project and making sure the goals are met. This includes the follow-up of the project from a project management, administrative, legal, financial and communication point of view, therefore bringing together the needed expertise and material resources, continuously bearing in mind the scope, budget and the objectives. The project management also includes the coordinating role between the Consortium and the European Commission on one hand, and between the Consortium and the different bodies of the Management Structure on the other hand.


The CEREBRAD project management work package has been divided in 3 tasks:

  • Task 1.1. Project, consortium and logistics management (SCK•CEN)
  • Task 1.2. Legal, administrative and financial management (SCK•CEN)
  • Task 1.3. Communication and document management (SCK•CEN)