University Rovira I Virgili URV (Spain, Victoria Linares)

Website: www.urv.cat


Contribution to CEREBRAD

In the CEREBRAD project, URV studies cognitive abilities and neuro‐toxicological effects that low doses of radiation and/or environmental toxicants (MeHg, Nicotine, Paraquat, BPA) can cause during in utero and neonatal brain development. C57Bl/6 mice are internally irradiated with Cesium in order to evaluate cognitive effects as well as the shape of the dose response curve between the radiation dose and the induction of cerebrovascular effects. Preliminary results showed that postnatally irradiated animals show a similar behaviour as those irradiated in utero, while there appears to be no difference between sexes and no effect on neuromotor behaviour. Cesium low/mid activity exposed animals show an improvement in the working memory and spontaneous behaviour and display a decreased level of anxiety as compared to the other groups of mice exposed to irradiation.

Representation of mouse cognitive tests to investigate social behaviour, working memory and neuromotor behaviour, and a schematic overview of possible factors contributing to irradiation-induced behaviour.