Helmholtz Zentrum München HMGU (Germany, Soile Tapio)



Contribution to CEREBRAD

In the CEREBRAD project, HMGU has started performing proteome and microRNA analyses using the isolated brain of sham and total body irradiated NMRI and C57Bl/6 mice. The analyses have been done in a brain-region specific manner, focusing mainly on the hippocampus and cortex, both regions know to be involved in the short- and long-term memory and spatial navigation. Furthermore, the radiation-induced changes in the proteome of the synaptosomes, isolated synaptic terminals from neurons, are being investigated.
The first results indicate that even a moderate gamma dose of 0.5 Gy is able to induce persistent alterations in the brain proteome, detectable more than six months after exposure to irradiation.


Kempf SJ et al. Long-term effects of ionising radiation on the brain: cause for concern? Radiat Environ Biophys. 2013 Mar;52(1):5-16