Universitat Rovira i Virgili


Contact person: Victoria Linares Vidal

Website: www.urv.cat


TecnATox, the Laboratory of Toxicology and Environmental Health is a specialized research centre in the area of Technology Transfer in Toxicology, Food and Environmental Health at the School of Medicine of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV). It carries out investigation and development in the area of environmental protection in an European level, as well as to satisfy, from the University scope, the needs of the administration and the productive sectors, through actions of knowledge and technology transference, with the purpose of improving health and life quality of the population enhancing the environmental and health protection. TecnATox was one of the first investigation groups, in Catalonia, Spain and Europe, in the human health risk assessment derived from the exposure to environmental agents. For 25 years, different studies have been carried out to evaluate the effects in vascular, reproductive, cognitive and biological systems, as well as oxidative stress animal toxicity due to organic pollutants, heavy metals (lead, aluminium, manganese, etc.) and radionuclide (uranium, strontium, Caesium..) contamination. Moreover, several studies are being carried out to relate radiotoxic effects with human pathologies. TecnATox has 35 years of experience in vitro and in vivo studies with radionuclide in the Service of Radiological Protection and Nuclear Medicine.

TecnATox has managed several national projects about internal dose effects of caesium, strontium and uranium. In the group there are professors of Toxicology, Physiology and Medical Physics at the School of Medicine. There are experts in radiophysics, radiology dosimetry and radiation protection. There is the head of the Radiation Protection Division of the University that involves the management of the radiation protection in some hospitals and the environmental radiation surveillance network of Catalonia (Spain). TecnATox is aware of the environmental damage to natural and artificial radioelements, and has collaborated on the study of the impact of Chernobyl in Catalonia.