Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie


Contact person: M. Abderrafi Benotmane



The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN) is a Foundation of Public Utility (FPU), with a legal status according to private law, under the tutorial of the Belgian Federal Minister in charge of energy. The statutory mission gives the priority to research on problems of societal concern; safety of nuclear installations, radiation protection, safe treatment and disposal of radioactive waste, fight against uncontrolled proliferation of fissile materials and fight against terrorrism.

The group involved in this project is the Radiobiology Unit, headed by Prof. Dr. Sarah Baatout, part of the expert group Molecular and Cellular Biology, Institute Environment, Health and Safety, and the Radiodosimetry and Calibration expert group from the same Institute, headed by Dr. Filip Vanhavere. The group focuses on the effects of ionizing radiation under normal and accidental circumstances. The objectives of the group are to study a.o. (1) the individual susceptibility to ionizing radiation, (2) the impact of ionizing radiation on brain development, and (3) the biological effects of the medical use of ionizing radiation. SCK-CEN facilities available for the consortium will include the genomic platform, animalarium, irradiation facility, molecular biology, flow cytometry, multiplex array assay, and microscopy.