Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Contact person: Pier G. Mastroberardino

Website: www.erasmusmc.nl


The Erasmus MC, established in the city of Rotterdam, is a university medical center in which new knowledge is both generated and passed on to future professionals. This knowledge covers a broad field, ranging from illness to health, and from individual to community healthcare. The knowledge generated and new findings will benefit daily care and treatment of patients. Erasmus MC and the adjacent children‟s hospital Erasmus MC-Sophia are located in the city center. Being the largest university medical center in the Netherlands, Erasmus MC creates special opportunities for research, education and patient care in the Netherlands. Its over 10,000 employees make every effort to this end.

The Erasmus MC is provided with state-of-the art equipment and has all the required facilities to work at the molecular (genes and protein), cellular and intact animal level. The Genetics Department at the Erasmus MC has an undisputed reputation in the field of DNA repair and aging. Prof.Hoeijmakers‟s group pioneered studies in genomic instability, has cloned many of the human repair genes, and elucidated the molecular basis of several repair syndromes. Dr.Mastroberardino has an extensive expertise in the fields of molecular pathology of neurodegenerative diseases, and of redox biology. He also developed new techniques to image oxidative stress in cells and tissues.